Two-year Tourism Studies Dual Diploma


Two-year Tourism Studies Dual Diploma in beautiful Powell River, British Columbia, Canada
Dual credentials = the best of two worlds

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A ground breaker in Powell River, on the Sunshine Coast; Eton College Canada, in cooperation with Vancouver Island University will be offering a uniquely designed and tailor-made two-year, dual credential Tourism Studies Diploma.

Year 1

Language and Cultural Immersion (7 weeks) - delivered by Vancouver Island University.
The course helps students enhance their language skills by learning to express their ideas and opinions on numerous topics related to academic preparation, tourism studies, and future employment in the tourism sector. The course will also help students learn about Canadian culture though interactive activities, field trips, and home stays. The program begins with seven weeks of intensive language and culture immersion, followed by ten months of interactive participation and reflection.
Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma (43 weeks) - delivered by Eton College Canada

  • AFA 100 - Aviation First Aid
  • GEO 100 - Aviation Geography
  • CULT 101 - Cross-Cultural Tourism
  • CUS 100 - Customer Service
  • MKTG 102 - Destination Marketing
  • ENVI 102 - Ethics & Sustainable Tourism
  • MGNT 103 - Human Resources Management in Tourism
  • AVI 100 - Introduction to Aviation
  • INTR 101 - Introduction to Tourism
  • PRO 100 - Professional Development
  • REST 101 - Restaurant & Food Service
  • SAF 100 - Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • SEC 100 - Security Procedures
  • LEGL 103 - Sport & Recreation Management: Laws & Risks
  • TECH 103 - Technology in Travel
  • GEOG 101 - Tourism Geography
  • OPER 102 - Tourism Office Operations
  • PROD 102 - Tourism Products & Service Operations
  • COST 103 – Transportation Fares & Costing

Year 2 

Tourism Studies Diploma (41 weeks) - delivered by Vancouver Island University.

Summer Work Term - (Apr 23 - May 11, 2018)


Canadian Students - TBA

International Students

Overview of the topics included in the program

  • Introduction to Tourism
  • Airline Safety and Security
  • Recreation and Sports
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Introduction to tourism Marketing
  • Aviation Geography
  • Leadership
  • Green and Ethical tourism

The program is unique and offers a university diploma that includes flight attendant courses. It will also enable you to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, become a flight attendant, enjoy one of over 400 tourism industry careers anywhere in the world.


The two-year Dual Diplomas program is offered at the Powell River campuses of Eton College Canada and Vancouver Island University, located on the upper Sunshine Coast, about 145km northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
"Where endless green mountains meet sheltered Pacific Ocean waters, Powell River provides a stimulating blend of outdoor adventure and cultural amenities."

"Powell River offers unspoiled wilderness beauty, endless ocean vistas and more than 36 lakes in temperate rainforest to explore. Here you will find friendly locals, unique neighbourhoods and a wide variety of events and art venues to keep you entertained. The Historic Townsite represents one of very few National Historic Districts in Western Canada, each home or business with stories to tell."

Top reasons to APPLY NOW for this program

  • Obtain Two instead of One Diploma and a solid quality education – this Dual Credential program allows you to graduate with two Diplomas offered by two well established and reputable private and public post-secondary institutions with EQA (Education Quality Assurance) designation.
  • Graduate with a university diploma that includes a flight attendant preparation program.
  • Pursue higher education – Upon graduation, you can apply for admissions directly into the 3rd year of a Bachelor’s degree program at Vancouver Island University.
  • Earn while you study- As a study permit holder, you will be able to work up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions and work full-time during scheduled breaks, such as the winter and summer holidays or spring break.
  • Apply for a work permit – Graduates of this program qualify to apply for a 3-year work permit that allows you to work anywhere in Canada.
  • Small classes, hands-on experience and rich learning environment – you will receive individual attention from your instructors, lots of practical learning and have opportunities to build lifelong friendships with your classmates
  • Work Experience – The best of both worlds for you – you will enjoy learning in a dynamic school environment and you will be able to practice what you learned in a Canadian workplace
  • Transferability – the employment ready skills you will gain on the program will give you the competitive edge for careers in any country in the world in one of the fastest growing industry, Tourism and the Airline industry
  • Breathtakingly beautiful destination to study, work and play –Surrounded by mountains, lakes, natural forest and the ocean and host to world class festivals and events, Powell River offers something for everyone. Voted as the “Least Polluted City in the World’ in 2016 by the Guinness Book of Records, you will enjoy a healthy living environment from the fresh air and the natural goodness of Powell River.

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